If your lab develops hippocampal subfield segmentation protocols, you may be interested in joining our quantitative evaluation. Several labs submitted sample segmentations based on their protocols which allowed for an informative evaluation of areas of agreement and disagreement about labels and boundaries in the hippocampus.

We provide here a single subject’s MRI dataset at reasonably high resolution to provide a common dataset on which to compare different protocols for subfield segmentation. Labeled datasets will be formatted using a common scheme and will be available for comparison and discussion at future meetings. If you have submitted your segmentation, we will send out action items soon about the next iteration. If you have not submitted your segmentation yet and would like to do so, there is still time!

Please see the detailed documentation for information about the imaging data included in the evaluation dataset, segmentation formatting requirements, and deadlines. The full dataset can be downloaded from You will first be asked to sign in and register for an account.

Please email Paul Yushkevich with questions regarding the quantitative component.