Questionnaire Working Group


The aim of this working group is to develop and compile data from an online questionnaire that seeks to better understand the following about HS3 contributors: (1) the field strength and (3T/7T) and image type (T1/T2) primarily used when segmenting the hippocampus, (2) the broad impetus for segmenting the hippocampus (e.g., structural/functional studies of younger/older/clinical populations), and most importantly (3) the specific rationale used to segment individual subfields. In concert with results from Paul Yushkevich’s quantitative analyses, the questionnaire data will be used to assist the Boundary Working Group in reconciling differences across protocols and moving toward a unified segmentation protocol.


Valerie Carr, Paul Yushkevich, Daniela Palombo, Karen LaRocque, Laura Wisse, Alison Burggren, Mirjam Geerlings